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U.I. display options.


The Guide Images and Guide Lines toggles will show or hide all guides of that type.

The Mouse Position toggle will show or hide the current cursor position in Stage coordinates (and physical distance if active) in the bottom-left of the U.I.

Groups & Displays data:

Solo Current Display Group shows only Displays in the currently selected group on screen - can help when using a large number of Displays and Groups.

Parent Links visualises the links between Display Groups with a dotted line between the anchor-point of the child group to the alignment-point of the parent.

Display Data shows the Stage coordinates and other information when mousing over a Display.

Display Spacing shows the pixel distance, and physical units if active, between the centre of Displays to aid protector positioning.

Crop Values shows the number of pixels, relative to the Group surface size, to be cropped for each display to aid the creation of media proxies.

4:3 Marks shows 4:3 aspect ratio guide lines (for non 4:3 aspect ratio Displays).

U.I. scale:

Change the scale of the layout on-screen, or auto-zoom to fit the displays to the screen. Zoom can also be controlled by the mouse wheel.

Pixel grid:

Show or hide the pixel layout grid, and set its dimensions and colour.

Physical grid:

When the physical scale of a project has been set, a grid of 1 metre squares can be activated.

The grid alignment, offset values and outline colour for the physical grid can be set here.

Surface outline:

The surface outline is shown when manually specifying the Group layout dimensions. The outline colour of the area can be set here.