Display Builder

Version History

Project File XML

The project file XML format is generally backwards-compatible so that, even as new features are added to the project files, older project files should hopefully still load correctly.

XML Version App Version Description of Changes Revision
3.3 4.3.4 Added DisplayGroup setting - displays_overrides_active. Added Display dimensions and rotation data with override flag if different from parent DisplayGroup. Added Display name override flag to prevent automatically generated names once set manually. r1132
3.2 4.3.0 Added Guide Measurements r1104
3.1 4.2.1 Added options: UI Parent Links, Image Export Crosshatching r1070
3.0 4.1.0 Added Guide Images & Lines r1024
2.2 3.x Added Stage Tiers
Added Shared Player Outputs
Added Display/Monitor resolution info to project file
Float values are saved with decimal points (not locale separator)
added Display outline colour.
2.1 2.x Added more UI control states
Some Project preferences renamed
1.0 1.x Display resolution data moved from Display to DisplayGroup XML r361
1.0 1.x Added external XML Project file r184