Display Builder

Version History

Version 4

v4.3.8 - 24/11/23

- Added support for Watchout v7 exports.

- XML Project file version v3.3 to support individual Virtual Display position & resolutions.

- Added JSX script to export layer position & dimensions from Photoshop to text file.

- Added function to import Photoshop layer data file to Display data.

- Added support for Virtual Displays (currently only when imported via script).

- Added option to solo current DisplayGroup in UI to avoid visual clutter.

Bug fixes:

- Better generation of distinct colours when using individual Display colours.

- Improved project loading when Displays have individual properties set.

- Fixed bug with parent_offset when using Fit Displays when alignment is set.

- Fixed bug with physical scaling of DisplayGroups when stage scale is applied.

- Fixed bug with DisplayGroup resolution & physical dimensions when loading custom resolutions.

- Fixed bug when loading Guides from project files.

- Fixed bug with missing properties when DisplayGroups are duplicated.

- Selected DisplayGroup now shown visually when using Display UV grid colouring option.

- Improved handling of custom resolutions (no longer duplicated).

v4.3.2 - 25/06/23

- DisplayGroups of LED panels are treated as an output group and not individual display outputs.

- Added export option for PSD/JSX XMAP script.

- Improved PSD XMAP script generation with LED panels.

- Guides: Measurement tool respects X/Y keyboard shortcuts for axis constraints.

- Guides: added button to automatically add guide lines at DisplayGroup boundaries.

- Guides: added name property. Text field UI ToDo.

- Export: 'Show Display Coordinates' option enabled for physical grids.

- Export: DisplayGroup name included in grid image filenames.

Bug fixes:

- Custom display resolutions are no longer duplicated when used in another DisplayGroup.

- Custom display resolutions now correctly loaded from project files.

- DisplayGroup UV grid colour option displayed incorrectly when column count was multiple of 8.

v4.3.1 - 05/06/23

- Fixed bug with UV grid colour option when the column count was multiple of 8.

- 'Show Display Coordinates' option enabled for physical grids.

v4.3.0 - 11/04/23

- Added 'Guide Measurements' - a type of guide line to add arbitrary measurements using the 'i' shortcut.

- XML Project file version v3.2 to support Guide Measurements.

v4.2.2 - 10/04/23

- Fixed bug with physical unit input: 'm' and 'cm' now correctly parsed.

- X/Y keyboard shortcuts for Guide Line orientation only active when not using a transform tool.

v4.2.1 - 02/04/23

DisplayBuilder reaches its 10th year of development!
- Support for Apple Silicon with native aarch64 build.
- Added optional crosshatch pattern to grid image exports.
- Added Guide lines to grid image exports.
- Added middle-mouse-button UI panning.
- Added UI option to display links between DisplayGroups when parented.
- Added UI indicator of DisplayGroup alignment.
- XML Project file version v3.1 with extra UI preferences (will not be loaded from older projects).
- Fixed projection surface positioning whatever the DisplayGroup alignment.
- Fixed Guide positioning when parented.
- Fixed physical scaling of multiple DisplayGroups when loading a project file.
- Fixed Display coordinates display in grid images for all alignments.

v4.1.2 - 20/07/22

- Added UI option for the line width in grid image exports.
- Added support for maths expressions (plus,minus,multiply,divide) in most input fields.
- Tweaked softedge text layout to better fill the space (and added UI option to hide it).
- Grid image exports now show physical position of Display edges and Softedge centre-line.

v4.1.1 - 24/03/22

- Added settings for grid size and marker intervals in alignment grid image exports.
- Added function to calculate grid to fit whole cells to alignment grid image dimensions.
- Added UV grid colour option to Display Groups for LED walls.
- Fixed Guide position when changing origin of parent DisplayGroup.
- Fixed drawing of physical grids when changing DisplayGroup origin.
- Fixed drawing of layout grid at high zoom values.

v4.1.0 - 27/02/22

- Added Guides to Project XML file.
- Added new options to grid image exports.
- Fixed bug with colour swatches not showing correct values.
- Fixed bug with Guide positioning.

v4.0.6 - 24/02/22

- Fixed PSD script export when DisplayGroup has modified origins and position offsets.
- Added guides to PSD script - centre of DisplayGroup & User-added guides.

v4.0.5 - 23/02/22

- Added creation of Photoshop script to Modulo Kinetic export option.
- Built with latest beta of Processing 4 and Java OpenJDK 17.

v4.0.4 - Version not found!

v4.0.1 - 12/12/21

- Added export option for Display Groups as Modulo Kinetic RenderSurfaces.

v4.0.0 - 14/09/21

- Initial v4 release using Processing 4 and Java OpenJDK 11.
- macOs 10.14 or higher required (the app can be run under 10.13 by opening the package contents).
- Better hi-dpi support on Windows 10.