Display Builder

Version History

Version 3

v3.3.11 - 20/04/20

- Display Groups: Added OBJ import for basic 2D planes to define projection surface.
- Exports: Added support for OBJ surface & CSV projector list exports for Disguise D3.
- UI: Moved UI pane to top of window.
- UI: Added Display diagonal dimensions when physical size is set.
- UI: Window resizing deactivated on Windows 10 HiDpi monitors to avoid scaling bug.

v3.3.8 - 03/04/20

- Fixed bug with Preview Display positioning when rotated.
- Preview Display output number re-ordered to be first output on player.

v3.3.6 - 27/03/20

- Fixed bug with Preview Displays when using custom resolutions.
- Stage-size is now automatically rounded to even numbers when calculated.

v3.3.5 - 25/03/20

- StageTiers are exported to separate text files.
- Clipboard data only copies the currently selected DisplayGroup.

v3.3.1 - 15/05/19

- Added Stage Tiers menu to renamed Tiers & Groups tab.
- Added button to Add Preview Tier and Display to a Display Group.

v3.3.0 - 15/05/19

- Added MPCDI format to export options (for Watchout version 6.4 or later).

v3.2.5 - 24/04/19 (First 3.2.x release)

- Added Guides (lines & images).
- Added option to share Player outputs between Display Groups.
- Added option to show Display spacing (pixel and physical).
- Replaced activity spinner with information bar during loading/file activity.
- matkeane web site link button now includes app name & version as URL argument.

v3.0.7 - 02/03/18

- Added clipboard export button for display data.

v3.0.6 - 10/02/18

- Fixed calculation of projection surface centre coordinates in export comments.


- Added UI indicator during file activity.

v3.0.4 - 28/03/17

- Added constraints to Stage Size and Physical dimensions based on display resolution.
- Added SHIFT key modifier to reset Display Group offset when changing parent group.

v3.0.3 - 03/06/16

- New colour picker.
- Various bug fixes.

v3.0.1 - 03/05/16

- Responsive interface controls scale to fit app window on large monitors.

v3.0.0 - 24/04/16

- Beta release of v3 built with Processing 3, which allows:
- Java Run-Time 8 used (supported on OS10.11).
- Support for hi-density displays (e.g. Retina displays).