Display Builder

Display Setup

Configure Display Settings.


Set the type of Display (Not yet active - only 2D displays are available in the UI. Virtual Displays can currently only be imported via scripts).

Display resolution:

Choose the pixel resolution for the Displays from a list of presets or define a new custom resolution by entering the pixel dimensions. The aspect-ratio is indicated and can be locked (Button is red) and unlocked (Button is green) by toggling the button between the two fields. If locked, entering one pixel dimension will automatically recalculate the other dimension to maintain the same ratio.

Physical dimensions:

The Physical display size fields allow you to specify the physical dimensions of a Display. When dimensions are specified, the total surface area of each Display, as well as the size of each pixel is displayed. The total projection surface dimensions of the Display Group is shown in the Layout tab.

Alternatively, if the physical dimensions of the Display have not yet been specified, entering the desired total dimension for the Display Group in the Layout tab will calculate the dimensions for each Display.

Once specified, the physical dimensions of the first Display Group define the physical scale (pixels per metre) of the project, and can then be used to calculate the position and relative pixel sizes of subsequent Display Groups.

Stage size:

In Watchout, it is possible to specify a Stage size which is different to the Display size. In effect, this means that an output will sample an area of the Stage which has a different resolution than the output resolution. This is the equivalent, in other media-server software, of specifying different pixel dimensions for the output source & target.

This is usually one necessary when screens use the same resolution but have different physical dimensions. Once the physical scale for the project has been defined by the first Display Group, the physical dimensions of subsequent Groups is calculated automatically. Specifying different dimensions will calculate the Stage size for the new Group and the relative scale is displayed.

N.B. Though not strictly required by the media-server software, the Stage size calculations preserve the Display aspect ratio.


Set display rotation. Currently only multiples of 90 degrees are supported. If the physical dimensions of the Display have been specified, the diagonal size is shown here.